New Website!

19 Nov New Website!

Yes, we’ve rebooted our website!

Over the past few years, new technologies and trends have dramatically
changed the landscapes of marketing, digital media, and video
production.  In order to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we
have upgraded our offerings, techniques and tools, and continue to
grow our team.

Some of our new offerings include social media video packages for
businesses, green screen studio productions, and comprehensive event
coverage.  We have also expanded our work with publishing companies,
who are using video trailers, author profiles, and book demos to
engage customers in the digital marketplace.  And we are now using the
studio to shoot music videos!

New techniques?  With the growing prevalence of mobile video viewing,
we have begun creating shots that are optimized for screens of all
sizes – from large-screen televisions to tablets and mobile devices.
And the shots we’re getting leverage new tools like large-sensor
camcorders and DSLRs, and stabilization devices such as the Glidecam
and slider dollies, all to achieve a higher production value, a more
film-like effect.

What really makes any organization, of course, is the people.  And so
we’ve expanded our in-house team and our larger network, enabling us
to offer our clients a wider array of high-quality services.

Whether your business is located in California, Toronto, Tokyo, or our
hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, we look forward to bringing you
exception videos that enable you to engage existing customers and find
new ones in the digital marketplace.

More to come, your feedback is welcome and encouraged!

David Jackel, Partner
Shave Media

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