Partner Shana Bethune filming at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA.

Event video tips from our Boston video production team

Shave Event Video Production Reel

Event Promotional Videos

GOAL Promotional Video filmed in Dublin, Ireland.
AONL Conference Promotional Video, filmed in San Diego, CA.

Sizzle Videos and Highlight Videos

Mount Holyoke College Convocation Recap Video (captions version), filmed in South Hadley, MA, edited in 2 days. Since 2021 we have regularly produced videos of Mount Holyoke College events year-round.
HubSpot Partner Day Sizzle Video, filmed in Cambridge, MA.
CoreNet Global New England Awards Recap Video, filmed in Boston, MA.

Awards Videos and other Conference-Specific Videos

Award Recipient Video filmed and edited in San Antonio for AONL. Since 2012 we have delivered videos onsite for AONL, often with 24-hour (or less) turnaround.

Product Demo Videos

EvaluatePharma Product Demo filmed at BIO Philadelphia.

Profile Videos

DogWatch: Why I'm a DogWatch Dealer, interviews filmed in Palm Springs, CA, and b roll filmed in New England. Since 2010 we have filmed at DogWatch's Annual Meeting at locations across the US.
Nurse Executive Fellowship Promotional Video, filmed in Anaheim, CA.

Exhibitor-Focused Videos

AHRMM Exhibitor Promo Video, filmed in Nashville, TN. We have also filmed with AHRMM in Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC.
DaVinci Gourmet, filmed for Catalyst Exhibit in Boston, MA.

Session Videos

Inbound Bold Talk - Kim Scott, filmed and edited at HubSpot Inbound in Boston, MA. Since 2014 we have filmed and edited hundreds of similar Session Videos for Inbound, often with fast-tracked edits.

Speaker Profile Videos

Inbound Speaker Studios: Ty Heath, filmed at HubSpot Inbound in Boston, MA, part of a larger event video series.
Star Wars Celebration with Pierce Brown, filmed in Anaheim, CA, part of a suite of event videos for Del Rey Books.

Sponsor Spotlight Videos

VitalConnect Sponsor Message, filmed in Fort Worth, TX.

Video Reels for Broadcast

Tough Ruck Event Highlights Video, filmed in Lexington, MA. Delivered next day for broadcast use.

Virtual Meeting and On-Demand Content

AONL On Demand Promo Video, filmed in Anaheim, CA.
AONL On Demand Content: Doris Kearns Goodwin, filmed at Shave Studio, in Boston, MA.