Virtual video meetings have become part of daily life, particularly in the business world.

Set up in a quiet area of your home or office

Choose a neutral, clutter-free background

Make sure you are well lit

Use the best camera available

Our team uses several Logitech Brio web camera / microphones that easily clip to the top of a laptop screen or a desktop monitor.
We use a Canon EOS R connected to the computer via USB-C, and a fast lens to create shallow depth-of-field (blurred background), to help separate the subject from the background.

Your camera should be at about eye level

Use the best microphone you have, and stay close to it

An inexpensive lapel mic with a USB plug can be a big improvement over your computer’s onboard microphone.
We use the Shure SM7B broadcaster microphone for some of our desk recordings.
Our mobile self-filming kit includes this microphone / recorder combo, which can record at two different input levels simultaneously, to ensure that at least one of your recorded files has good audio levels.